CBC Speaker Consent Form

We look forward to having you participate in our assembly. Before your scheduled speaking engagement with us please review and acknowledge the information below. Thank you!

As part of our ongoing ministry, we audio-record and occasionally video-record content and make these recordings available as audio or video features over the Internet from within our website "cedarcroft.org". We therefore request permission from you to non-exclusively record, duplicate, distribute, or display your presentation as provided in this manner as a free ministry resource to the public.

Use of your recorded material is offered within a non-profit context with no further direct monetary compensation made, thereafter. The undersigned maintains full rights to his or her presentation and warrants that all supporting materials presented in connection with it does not infringe on the rights of others. As policy, CBC will never use any material as indicated without the expressed consent of it's author, at any time.

I therefore consent to the use of my presentation and other materials as described and agree with the provisions of this release form.

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- Manually fill-out a printed copy and forward the signed form to Kingsley Baehr or an elder before the scheduled speaking time.

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